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Frederick's items are as follows:

- Totally-not-a-steward Outfit
- Great Knight armor (neatly arranged in pieces)
- 1 Silver Sword
- 1 Silver Axe
- 2 Elixir (3 Use each)
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Player Information

Name: Mark

Personal Journal: [personal profile] drunkkitsune

Age: 25

Contact Info: AIM: drunkkitsune E-Mail: Plurk: @drunkkitsune

Other Characters Played: [OU] Yosuke Hanamura.

Character Information

Character Name: Frederick

Character Series: Fire Emblem: Awakening

Character Age: Late 20’s to early 30’s

Character Gender: Male

Original Canon/Alternate Universe Original Universe

Canon Point: Chapter 24, unmarried

Background Link:

Personality: Frederick has many aspects to him, but one aspect is far more pronounced than any other, visible in nearly all his regular day to day actions: first and foremost, he has a tremendous sense of duty. First and foremost, his duty is to his country’s loyal house, specifically his lord and commander Chrom but extending to all members of the royal family. His vow to serve them as a knight of Ylisse comes before all else in his day to day activities - for example, upon first meeting the Avatar, he expresses a desire to trust him/her, but states that he simply cannot trust blindly for fear that they could be an enemy spy. Duty to his lord before his personal feelings. Beyond that though, when not specifically serving his lord and land, Frederick takes his duties as a knight very seriously - or more specifically, his duty to knightly chivalry. As he himself says on the subject, “I may not be a steward, but I constantly strive to be a better knight. Consideration for others... Willingness to assist any in need... I speak, of course, of the spirit of service that is at the core of chivalry.”

In following this spirit of service, however, Frederick can often go to what a ‘normal’ or ‘rational’ person might view as extremes (though he himself does not see it that way). These extremes can range from having tasteful nude art of his lord and commander commissioned for recruitment posters and subsequently hanging a poster in each and every tent in camp, to slightly more practical but no less extreme pursuits such as walking ahead of the army to clear all small stones and debris off the path, lest somebody trip. Of course, that is to say nothing of his constant grueling workouts he holds to keep the entire camp in shape or the fact that he wakes before everyone else in the camp every day to perform chores that often go overlooked, such as inspecting all the army’s weapons or starting the campfire (his personal favorite chore).

But, even if his devotion can go to extremes, it’s this same devotion that leads him to go to great lengths for his friends, allies, and innocents alike. It’s not unusual for him to devote extra time for one on one training when requested, but it can manifest in less duty oriented ways as well, such as sitting through a lunch where a colleague does nothing but sob about unrequited love continuously. Frederick will even go the extra mile for himself, subjecting himself to what he may as well have considered torture in an attempt to become a less picky eater by subjecting himself to gamier and gamier meats. And, atop everything else, Frederick is always quick to throw himself in harm’s way to defend those who cannot defend themselves.

That’s not to say that his duty occupies his entire personality, but it is quite the majority of it (to the point where he expresses to one trusted ally that he simply doesn’t know how to goof off and expresses to another that he never jokes). In his other day to day interactions, where duty is not a factor, Frederick tends to be very straightforward in as polite a way as possible. While he holds himself with a certain proper bearing as a knight, he has no problem speaking to others as equals regardless of their status in society, race, gender, or upbringing. Even the nobles he serves, though they get special titles of milord and milady, he finds himself able to speak to freely. Everyone is equal in his eyes and is treated as such.

In closing, though Frederick is a knight who takes his duties - and really, all of life - incredibly seriously, he is also not someone who thinks of himself as better than others because of it. He’s always striving to improve himself, willing to help those around him, and prepared for the day with a campfire, a disarming smile for a man so serious, and meticulously inspected weapons.

Abilities: Frederick has no superhuman abilities, aside from “Being really awesome at fighting” and “Being able to function on very little sleep.” Seriously though, he’s good at fighting and he doesn’t need a lot of sleep to get through a day, and additionally knows many domestic skills such as knitting, sewing, and other skills considered key for servants at the time despite not himself being a servant.

After all, a knight’s chivalrous spirit of service is not just limited to combat.

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